Elements of Our Vision

Family: To align the roles and order in family relationships as ordained by God to be the foremost valuable asset on this earth. God first created man and gave him a job (To tend the garden) before he gave him a wife to take care of. He then created women as a helper for the man and before He formed a marriage. He created the marriage bond between a Husband and Wife before he made the family. He created the family in His modeled image to be a visible sign of Love, order and structure to a world that is confused and doesn’t know Him, that they may be drawn to Him.

Children: In the Divine order and role placement as mentioned above, children are taught and trained that they should honor their father and mother. Honor and respect for adults, for authority, and for each other, as well as knowing their place in the family to help prepare them for a world that they will soon be exposed to that does not always place value on this trait. Teaching and living out this way of life at home with them is one of our top priorities. Children are very involved in almost every meeting—sharing scripture, playing instruments to praise God, and encouraging others around them.

Christ’s Body: We seek to develop deep and trusting relationships with one another that are formed in both the natural, daily framework, but more importantly in a spiritual framework. We do this by working out every division among us and rooting out individualism and self-exaltation. We gather and share with one another often, measuring ourselves to God’s Word in order to maintain unity. A person has to be willing to enter into close relationships and willing to be vulnerable and walk in humility–forsaking pride and self-will. This is the only way for these relationships to last. This takes time and can be a grueling process for some as the hurts and pain from the past are uprooted that cause poor inter-relational responses. The good news is that we do it together and joy follows as we grow closer to one another!

The People: We work hard to help bring people into unity with one another, digging deep into the word of God together so that He can illuminate the path of righteousness for us. There is much to know about God’s plan for togetherness and oneness with God John 17. We do not teach a prosperity message, rather we seek to forsake the things of this world that would distract us from a close relationship with God and each other.

Economics: We are working diligently to be a sustainable community that isn’t dependent on a global economy for survival. Our vision is to reduce dependency in both an economic and digital way. We are striving to become more self-sufficient by growing our own food and building a network of connections to the local community and people who are similarly minded. By building these relationships, we can operate as a type of “economy within an economy” that isn’t bound to, nor rides the wave of, the world’s spirit of conformity.

World: We are preparing to go through much harder times ahead. God is awakening people in the world today that are not even religious or even have much knowledge of Him, they just sense something is wrong with our world and believe it’s gone too far. Our world has changed drastically in a short time, with COVID being one of the catalysts. Our vision is to bring clarity and direction to people as God gives us opportunity to reach out to them and offer them a simpler way of life that involves meaningful relationships with God and others. One of the main callings of this community is to be connected to society and be a light to them. Reaching them is an imperative aspect of who we are.

Digital: As we reduce our dependency upon the world and its digital (artificial) elements, the worlds allurements have become less attractive to us. We spend very little time on digital devices and more time with each other, face to face. Our vision is to be “mostly” digital free and to use basic digital devices only as “tools” that we control and that do not control us or our lives. To escape from the “digital death grip” that the world has unleased upon our culture, we are working to be free of Smartphones, Internet, Television, gaming etc. If needed, we will reach into the digital world for a moment, but not stay there. We have found a greater value in each other and have realized that we do not need these devices to function daily. All of our meetings and fellowships are intentionally Smartphone, cellphone and digital-free. We use hard-copy Bibles and promote personal interaction that builds relationships.

The Homestead: The Fireside owns over 500 acres of pristine Wisconsin Northwoods. It’s purpose it to offer people a place of refuge as well as to live a lifestyle that is expressed in “simplicity” that is mostly void of electronics, Internet and the constant barrage of a digital world that is relentless in its demands for attention. Living this simple lifestyle provides a place of community where relationships flourish, and a sanctuary from the world that is similar to the first Church, which gathered together daily and had the mind-set of helping one another. We seek to be community minded, benefiting the larger community around us, as well as investing our time, talents, and resources into those who have also chosen to live this simple life with us. This necessitates forsaking an individualistic mindset where each is out to better themselves—and instead, spurs us to look out for the interests of each other. The homestead is open to the public. Please see our “The Homestead” page for more information on things to do at The Homestead.