The Homestead

The Fireside owns a 500 acre community homestead in Northern Wisconsin for the purpose of fulfilling its God-given calling of creating true community with one another, less dependency on the culture, and reaching out to the public in order to share a much simpler way of life which is dependent on God and each other.

The Conceptual drawings of the community are found below as well as pictures of the landscape. The homestead consists of rolling wooded acreage and trees towering more than 80’. Its park-like setting, multiple rivers, and a private lake create a majestic feel that is unlike any other landscape. Wildlife on the property is abundant and the fishing, hiking, and family recreation is endless.


Future plans include a public road to Wisconsin’s 8th covered bridge, a Gristmill and bakery where two rivers meet, a Blacksmith shop, a restaurant and a community building for Church meetings and public interaction, workshops, and training. Numerous buildings are in the planning stage and there are several hundred acres for home development.


From a self-sustaining standpoint the homestead has installed numerous large garden plots that are being cultivated. A 4000 sq foot Aquaponics building and 3 additional smaller greenhouses that serve as both winter greenhouses as well as for starting plants. Our aquaponics greenhouse, smaller greenhouses, and garden plots are already functioning and will be located within the inner portion of the homestead. The homestead also has a 60-acre cattle lot and 30-acre crop field proposed on the outer perimeter. These fields previously served as farmland.

Electrical Power

The Homestead is striving for off Grid power. Proposed is hydroelectric power produced from our spring-fed lake and a solar power system to provide electrical power to the Homestead as well as Off-Grid homes. These designs are well underway and the infrastructure to build them is currently in place. The homestead also has a large backup generator to supply power to the homes in case of emergency.

Horse Stable & Barn

The Homestead proposes to build a stable and fenced area of approximately 2 ½ acres for the purpose of pasturing horses. The location of this pasture is located within the central part of the land. Horses will be used to farm and as a means of travel.


The already installed and functioning year-round aquaponics will generate income, food, and jobs for the community as will the gristmill, restaurant, and blacksmith shop. Being able to grow crops in the winter will provide income as well as nutritious food. We are also in the process of relocating several businesses to the homestead and have looked into purchasing business’ in the nearest town to build relationships within the community as well as providing jobs and income to local residents. The nearby town is in desperate need of workers so jobs are available to those who would need it. Starting a business in this location would also be advantageous to anyone looking to do so.