What We Believe

You might have thought you would see the typical “What We Believe” page here attempting to describe in very general terms a set of beliefs that would give you an idea of our foundation in God. We’ve decided to spare you the same generic definitions that you’ve seen on almost every church website and be very upfront with you.

“What We Believe” is that a true and complete understanding of our faith values can only come from personal interaction with us, not from a website. (See our Vision page for more details.) Though we have a foundational set of beliefs carefully gleaned from God’s Word, we do not market a denominal doctrine to any person. You see, faith is an action…and you can only see the fruit of it by expressing it in a daily faith-filled life.

If you find yourself reading further, we’ll assume you’re either looking for information for curiosity’s sake, or like us, you’re sensing a “calling” and a “drawing” to a simpler expression of life that is not so overstimulated by the “noise” of this world.  (Think: ever-present smart phones, media, social platforms, cancel culture, political chaos, and…well, you get the idea.)

To be up front with you, people who have chosen to shop for a fellowship that only “fits-in” with their own already established, traditional beliefs, will have a difficult time feeling compatible with our fellowship.

Why?  Because our walk with Christ that is expressed to the world and through our relationships with each other, is revealed to us as we walk from “Faith to Faith” Romans 1: 17.  This means that we must always be fine-tuning our course and adapting to what God is speaking to us about “today” in order to be like Him and be conformed to His image.

We have not arrived at any position in life that warrants the assumption that we have already “finished the race”—rather we walk circumspectly, understanding that at any time, God may ask us to make adjustments to our lives that will help bring us closer into relationship with Him.  Some of these adjustments may be in our character, our way of living, our thoughts and the expression of our faith, just to name a few.

Each day, God requires us to step into the greater light of faith that He is illuminating before us, because as humans, each day is all we can really handle. Jesus said to focus on today and that “tomorrow will take care of itself”.  Therefore, it will be difficult to walk in right standing with Him any other way than through the expression of walking “faith to faith”, which provokes us to carefully listen to Him and hear what He is saying today and then living that out in faith.

Don’t get us wrong—we do plan ahead and believe God has called us to fulfill a particular purpose, but we don’t assume that the steps to fulfillment look just like the traditions we once embraced—rather our hearts burn within us to follow His steps—as He illuminates them…one by one and faith to faith.

Our pilgrimage is leading us on a quest to be transformed into His image which is holy and unlike anything on this Earth. His image does not conform to this world’s ideals, or methods. His image (which is inward and displays itself outwardly) involves the selfless idea that we would do what is best for those participating within the fellowship and would put away an individualist mind-set that cares only about “me, myself, and I”—a mindset that has quite a powerful influence in our culture today.

Thinking for the good of everyone else before yourself is an undiscovered treasure of Christ in today’s world and is just one aspect of becoming conformed to the image of Christ that we are pursuing.

Like Moses and the children of Israel, you may have to experience your own Exodus from “Egypt” in both a physical and spiritual way. We are on an Exodus journey as well, but the great thing is that we are doing it together—in fellowship with other believers.  Traditional church let’s you put on your best face until you see your fellow church-goers again the next week…but we truly ‘do life’s journey together’.  We invite you to reach out and learn more about joining us on this journey.